Spotify UX/UI Redesign

Redefine the mobile experience

Spotify UX/UI Redesign was a short three day project that involved a redesign of the Spotify Mobile App in hopes of offering potential solutions to fix some of its mobile screen problems as well as ideas for future development. I focused on creating a user-friendly interaction and addressing customer pain-points with Spotify Search, Social, Option Buttons. Additionally, I explored implementing a feature that would allow a new sharing system. This whole process was guided by qualitative user research while adhering to Spotify’s style and my own design intuition.

UX/UI Design, Mobile

3 Days


Current Share Music

Under the Notification Activity, the users can share their favorite music and follow their friends’ listening activities in real time. This feature includes the tracks that they have listened to, tracks they have added to their playlists, and the playlists that they have made public. But how can this feature be more engaging by bring more users together, allow user to discover and share music in this big Spotify community?

current share music screen
Screenshots taken from Spofity app
Aug 2016

#001 A close-knit Spotify community

In We Share, the new platform enables users to livestream music to public or friends, allowing them to discover music and share their stories though different music. This creates a close-knit community with people who can connect with one another. When telling our stories or channeling who we are with music, an awareness can develop and a bond can be solidified

creat lobby screen
Create Lobby

The creator can choose invite only or share the lobby to the public or friends.

lobby creator screen
Lobby Creator

The green dots represent the notification from the chat and song request.

we share screen
We Share

The album picture shows what the lobby creator is streaming in real time. Lobbies can be created by simply clicking on the icon in the top right corner.

listening lobby screen
Listening Lobby

Listeners can request songs from the lobby creators and chat with others who joined the same lobby.

live playlist screen
Live Playlist

The creator can hold and drag the song to rearrange the song priority. Different color dots on the top right corner of the track represent different listeners who has song requests.

Current Spotify Search

The Spotify Search Screen currently only displays an individual’s search history without any indication of what is trending. This lack of feature may provide a sense of confusion as the users sometimes do not know what to search. In addition, there is a lack of features as users cannot quickly and efficiently use the search bar to search a specific song in their library playlists, stations, and etc. Consequently, they have to first navigate to the Library Menu, select their desired category, and then finally locate the song.

current spotify search
Screenshots taken from Spofity app
Aug 2016

#002 Tidy up the search results

The revamped Spotify Search is designed to allow users to quickly access the search bar in every menu. The search screen now becomes more than just your typical search history as it will now show top searches to provide users with a quick access to relevant information they even begin their search. As illustrated by the new interface, the search screen can be toggled between the general Spotify Search, "Your Library", and the new experience I had developed called "We Share". This new format provides a simpler and more organized method to filter results.

spotify search screen

Current Activity

In both the Your Library and Profile Page, the Spotify application unnecessarily displays recently played playlist/artist in a similar fashion. Instead of displaying the recent activities of the followers in the Profile Page, the user has to navigate to the Notifications icon in the top-right corner to connect their followers activities in real time.

current activity
Screenshots taken from Spofity app
Aug 2016
new social experience

#003 The new music social experience

The revamped Profile Page is designed to connect and engage activities of the users’ followers in real time. Instead of displaying information about songs and playlists in the Profile Page, the illustrated interface displays the followers’ recent activities: following artists, adding songs to a playlist, or creating a new lobby in We Share. This new, simple design also implements a feature in which the user has the ability to click on their profile pictures to learn more about their activities.

Current Option Button

The Option Button (circle with three dots) has an overwhelming amount of selections such as save, add to playlist, add to up next, and share. Consequently, users have to swipe the screen down just to see all of the functions, which consumes so much effort, time, and space.

current option button
Screenshots taken from Spofity app
Aug 2016
minimalistic efficient navigation

#004-1 Minimalistic and efficient navigation

By simply pressing and holding the Option Button, the new feature displays every action in a minimalistic fashion, conserving the amount of time and effort for navigation. Rather than scrolling through the whole selection, hovering over an icon displays a text that enables the users to save, add to playlist, add to up next, show lyrics, and share in a more efficient manner.

#004-2 Quickly access the information

Although the New Option Button eliminated "Go to Radio", "Go to Album", and "Go to Artist", the new feature enables the user to quickly access information of the song’s album, released date, genre, and other information by swiping down the On Playing Page. Instead of tapping the Option Button back and forth to find relevant information about the song, this new feature simplifies the existing user flow to find music information while listening to the music.

quickly access the information
spotify case study

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