A stroller throughout a child's journey

Unistrol is based on a environmentally friendly and comprehensive system that plans to improve the effective usage of baby strollers. Every aspect of the baby stroller is derived from meaningful innovations that will hopefully shift the family’s attitude to a more environmentally friendly behavior.

Industrial Design, Research, Model Making, Sustainability, CMF


Siwei Wang


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why unistrol

77% of parents with children four and under own more than one stroller. 8% own more than four.

Source: Mintel Group Ltd., a market research firm, 2012

Unfortunately, these unneeded baby strollers often end up as junk as they just collect dust in the garage. In the worst case scenario, they end up in landfills; and over time, the toxins in the materials leach into the soil and groundwater, becoming severe environmental hazards. Stemming directly from the result of human activities, the environmental and health effects of landfills and hazardous waste sites can be extensively degrading.

Types of stroller on the market

Understand the pros and cons for different types of stroller to assist in implementing the design strategies and tactics.

traditional strollers

Traditional Strollers
Almost always have a comfortable padded seat that can recline into different positions


  • Many different features
  • Comfortable for the child
  • Durable
  • Offer car seat adapter


  • Minority offer a sufficiently flat fully reclined seat for infant
  • Too steep of an angle for safe infant sleeping
travel system strollers

Travel System Strollers
A travel system is a package that combines stroller and an infant car seat


  • Matching infant car seat
  • Available after the baby has outgrown the infant car seat


  • Bulky
  • Low product quality
car sear carrier strollers

Car Seat Carrier Strollers
A compatible infant car seat is snapped into the stroller frame


  • Cheap
  • Compact
  • Easy to fold and transport


  • Only suits for infant
  • Short product lifespan
jogging strollers

Jogging Strollers
Feature 3 bicycle wheels on a lightweight frame and deliver a smooth ride for both pusher and passenger


  • Smooth ride on off-road surfaces like grass and dirt
  • Comfortable for the child


  • Bulky
  • Air-filled tires on a jogger can go flat
  • Challenge to move around the crowds of people
  • Require removal of rear wheels to fit into car trunk
lightweight strollers

Lightweight Strollers
Usually weigh 12 pounds or less and fold up compactly


  • Cheap
  • Portable
  • Great for backup strollers or for traveling


  • Aren’t suitable for infants
  • Less maneuverablility
  • Limited comfort for the child
  • Limited features
  • Not very sturdy


Understand the needs of the users to better plan out design strategies and tactics using their perspective.

“Each one has a purpose and I can’t imagine living without it, so we keep them all”

- Miko, a parent who owns three strollers

“ Removing stroller stains is a difficult task.”

- Jessica, a parent who owns two strollers

“My 9 month old baby slouches in this stroller, which makes me worry about her spine and neck”

- Sophia, a parent who owns five strollers

Design opportunities based on market research and insights

There is a lack of stroller on the market that adapts to the constantly growing baby in different stages of life.

unistrol design opportunities

Lifecycle Analysis

By simply solving common problems and adding different features for the baby stroller are not enough to be revolutionary and considered a breakthrough from what the market has now. In order to enhance the baby stroller’s product performance, it is imperative to thoroughly consider all steps of a product’s life cycle. By extension, this process allows a more comprehensive view of the design to create more strategic and recognized method that adheres to international standards.

Babies R Us Upton Stroller

We use Babies R Us Upton Stroller- Asphalt for our reference product when considering the Lifecycle Analysis.

Babies R Us Upton Stroller- Asphalt

Price: $ 79.99 USD
Type: Light Weight Stroller
Child Weight Max: 50 lbs
Car Seat Compatible: No

Baby Stroller Process Tree

We researched on the Internet about the common materials used in baby strollers, then conducted research to determine the process, materials, and energy used in the manufacture of the material.

unistrol research
baby stroller process tree
Okala Impact Assessment Form

Okala Impact Assessment Form

We utilized the Okala Impact Assessment Form to calculate the Babies R Us Upton Stroller impact per lifetime by disassembling parts and weighing the components in the same category. We were able to calculate the baby stroller’s impact per lifetime to be 481.36.

Goals and Strategies

IMPACT MATRIX is used to identify the major environmental impacts throughout the life cycle to understand the relative significance of environmental impacts as well as potential design opportunities.

unistrol goals and strategies

Reduce and Reuse Materials

Complex raw material extraction and material processing

Goals and Strategies

  • Disassemble parts to reuse, refurbish, and re-manufacture
  • Reduces the components

Reduce Shipping Footprints

Components need to be shipped for assembling. After the process, they will be distributed via international shipping, using a large amount of carbon footprint

Goals and Strategies

  • Combines global manufacturing and regional manufacturing
  • Reduces the components

Extend Product Life

The stroller parts were disassembled to recycle and reduce their short lifespans or they will end up in a landfill

Goals and Strategies

  • Extends product lives by reusing parts of stroller
  • Has a sharing system that allows different individuals to share strollers on a very short term basis
  • Maintains and repairs components

Unistrol Material  

Unistrol reduces the material components to lessen the amount of material or energy used in production and minimize shipping footprint for assembly.

recyclable aluminum

Recyclable Aluminum (Frame)

  • Easily Recyclable
  • Recycled Content (pre- or post-consumer)
  • Single or mono-materials
  • Waste Material Content

Steel (Screws, Springs)

  • Durable
  • Easily Recyclable
  • Recycled Content (post-consumer)
abs recycling

ABS Recycling (Joints, Rim, Seat Belt Buckles, Canopy Support)

  • Easily Recyclable
  • Recycled Content (pre-or post-consumer)
  • Waste Material Content
elastocon tpe technologies

Elastocon TPE Technologies (Handle Grips, Seat Support, Tires, Footrest)

  • Easily Recyclable
  • Offers an extremely comfortable surface for the stroller seat
  • Single or mono-materials

TENCEL (Seat Fabrics, Seat Belt Strips, Cushion)

  • Body support pillows or additional seat cushions can be added to the base of the stroller depending on the child’s age
  • Biodegradable
unistrol process tree

Okala Impact Comparison  

Babies R Us Upton Stroller- Asphalt

stroller process tree


unistrol process tree

Baby Stroller Okala Impact:

baby stroller okala impact

Unistrol Okala Impact:

unistrol okala impact
Okala Impact Comparison

By using the “Okala Impact Assessment Form”, we were able to calculate the baby stroller’s impact per lifetime to be 481.36 per lifetime. Since 77 percent of parents with children age 4 or under own more than one stroller, I then multiplied 481.36 by 4 and got 1925.46 per lifetime. From these calculations, we were able to evaluate life cycle impact and integrate it in our goals and design strategy. From our extensive research on materials with environmental impact, Unistrol has only 71.892 per lifetime which is almost less than seven times than “Stroller- Asphalt”.

Product Features 

unistrol suitable for infants and toddlers

Suitable for infants and toddlers

Adapts to every stage of the child’s growth

unistrol adjustable foot rest

Adjustable foot rest

Eliminates dangling feet and allows different foot positions

unistrol replaceable sear cushion

Replaceable seat cushion

Provides both comfort for the baby and efficiency in washing the cushion

unistrol multi-terrain capability

Multi-terrain capability

Offers width adjustment of the frame to allow multi-terrain capability

unistrol elastic ergonomic sturcture

Elastic ergonomic sturcture

Provides the most secure support, while allowing room for freedom

unistrol car sear compatibility

Car seat compatibility

Adapts to global car seats with a quick and easy attachment between the car and the stroller

unistrol easy folding mechanics

Easy folding mechanics

Allows for more efficient storage

unistrol reversible handlebar

Reversible handlebar

Offers quick positioning of the baby

Service System

Unistrol is an excellent solution because the product not only reduces negative environmental impact, but also consistently serves the customer by maintaining quality customer support.

unistrol service system

The Unistrol service system provides upgrades like purchasing a cup holder or added storage space. If the Unistrol is damaged, the service system repairs and refurbishes the damaged components. If Unistrol is not needed anymore, customers have the option of trading in the stroller for credits. The company will then recycle the product to produce a new baby stroller that can be sold to a new customer.

3d unstrol with two babies

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